We want to challenge the standard way of thinking. By observing each other's thoughts in a kind and respectful way, we have the opportunity to create a different narrative in which uniqueness and curiosity are celebrated - A holistic mindset that contributes to the collective and, therefore, a peaceful and healthy world.


We know that sustainable entrepreneurship is the future, and this needs to happen with a sharp focus on the needs of the people and nature as a whole. All of us are connected, and when we realize this, life becomes more joyful and fulfilling. Let's take action out of creativity, not out of fear-based competition.

Positive activism, with
and creativity
on our mind.


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Marit de la Vera

Marit is artistic, free-spirited, and always has a positive mindset towards life. She lives and breathes photography and specializes in storytelling and photo-editing, among other things. Standing behind or in front of the camera, this creative soul is a perfectionist at heart, for Marit even notices the smallest details so that she can create a unique experience and, therefore, deliver you the perfect picture. Living in harmony with nature is what fuels her passion for the Green Dreamers. The future is green!


Aniek Bartels

Aniek graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and has been working as a passionate illustrator and designer ever since. Nowadays, you can find her and her many drawings and animal figures in her studio in Amsterdam, working on all sorts of creative concepts. Her mission is to ensure that your company or brand stands out among the rest in a way that suits you and the vision you hold. Because Aniek has been working in the branding and design industry for a while, she knows what’s up and can develop commercially-focused designs that truly serve a purpose. She has a big soft spot for beautiful color combinations, with nature as her infinite source of inspiration. Aniek feels a deep connection towards nature and realizes the importance of this heritage. Therefore she seeks to live as consciously as possible and enjoys working with people that share the same green intentions towards life. For Aniek, The Green Dreamers is the next step in making the green life a mainstream life.

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"Helping other people deal with their adventures is where I feel right at home"
Jasmijn Engel

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Jasmijn Engel

With a mom as a yoga teacher, Jasmijn did learn from an early age the importance a mindful and holistic lifestyle can bring, and although her own journey and practice came about a little later in life, it did set the foundation for her interests in these kinds of topics. Because of her love for nature and its many healing secrets, she started a course to be a naturopathic animal therapist. After that, some creative courses and a burn-out followed. From which her own business eventually emerged. Together with a good friend, she founded Mush Superfood, a company with a holistic message that focuses on the sale of functional mushrooms for better health. At the beginning of 2020, Jasmijn added a coaching course to her resume, for she feels with all the adventures she encountered, helping people deal with theirs is where she feels right a home.