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Are you ready to give your company and mindset a green boost? And do you also feel that your inside environment forms the foundation for a reliable and sustainable business? We help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be through our coaching and branding programs. Take action and start aligning yourself with your Green Dreams!


Coaching sessions
with Jasmijn


Together with Jasmijn, you will explore the subconscious barriers that may hold you back business-wise and on a personal level. With these in-depth sessions, you will begin to understand and transform your subconscious beliefs that stand in the way of building your green dream. Afterward, you will be able to form a clearer image of your life's purpose and how to get there, plus you will have the tools to connect with your true authentic self.

Visual design
with Aniek

Branding, together mindset, one of the most important building blocks of your company. Together with Aniek, you will explore the creative possibilities; You will find out which designs will best fit you and your brand values. She will create; a mood board that matches your brand, a primary logo, your own color palette, and a personal style guide. Keep in mind that visual designing options may vary depending on which package you choose.

with Marit

To get you started with some rocking content, Marit will organize a shoot day where she will snap some beautiful pictures of you and/or your product. She will help you feel beautiful and confident, even if you're not a big fan of standing in front of the camera. As a result, you will have a great content base that you are proud of, which you can use for your website, social media, or whatever you think fits!


We offer three different
types of packages for people who know they are ready to start building their green dream but need some help with getting started. Scroll down to read what our package deals consist out.

package 1beige.png


This package is for the green dreamers who just need that little extra push. You are almost ready to start your business. However, you still need some essential branding tools, storytelling photography, and a trusting coaching session to turn your thoughts into your real-life green dream. 


package 2.png

Sow your seeds

You already have quite a few ideas as to how you would like to see your business, but you lack strong groundwork to get your fantastic green business started. We help you set up a solid branding, social calendar, storytelling photography, and a creative mindset that shifts self-doubt into opportunities. Create the best version of yourself and your business! 


package 3 wit.png

Deeply rooted

You are the creator of your life, but we humans are not made for multitasking everything. By choosing this package, you take the step towards building the blueprint of your green business; you know you are ready to start living in alignment with your purpose. No need to worry anymore about all the various branding difficulties, proper photography, self-doubt or feelings of lack; we got you, now let's get rooted!



What you'll get

package 1.png


  • Virtual intake

  • One coaching session

  • Branding: primary logo,
    own color palette

  • Photography: 10 photos

package 2.png

     Sow your seeds

  • Virtual Intake

  • Three coaching sessions

  • Branding: mood board for your
    brand, primary logo, your own color palette, style guide

  • social media planning

  • Photography: 75 photos

package 3.png

     Deeply rooted 

  • Virtual intake

  • Three coaching sessions

  • Evaluation meeting after 3 months

  • Branding: mood board for your brand, primary logo, secondary
    logo, your own color palette,
    style guide

  • Social planning

  • 3 Short animations

  • Photography: 150 photos

Do you want more?

Do you feel that you need more support in certain areas? Give yourself and your company an extra boost by booking our services separately. Contact us for more information!

*only available for returning costumers