#7 Interview with Cookas Cookies founder Aline

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Meet Aline the passionate founder of Cooka's Cookies, a home grown company that wants to change the standard quality of dog food. Their products are made with ingredients that are wholesome and health-giving. No additives, chemicals, synthetics or fillers - tested on humans who love dogs!

When she am not at the bakery, busy trying new recipes or hunting invasive weeds I enjoy taking the furry kids (and husband) for long walks on the beach.

Why did you decide to go into the field of sustainability, and what do you want to change in your industry?


I love this beautiful place we call Earth. Nature is my biggest inspiration and I am deeply concerned about the road we have chosen. Easy, fast, deposable. Is it really necessary? I grew up in East Germany, and as little we may have had, life was rather sustainable. The milk was raw and brought weekly to our doorstep, in a glass bottle of course. When the milk man brought the new milk, the empty bottles were collected too. To be washed and refilled, easy.

There were no plastic bags. We had DEDORON BEUTEL (terrible polyester bags, but yet – no plastic and always with us) It was such a phenomenon that when the wall fell it was said one could spot the OSSI (East German) by the colorful and often flower-printed polyester bag. It took us a long time to switch to the one-way disposables offered for FREE in the supermarkets and yet here we are TODAY, and those bags are now all the fashion. I am so happy, as I never gave up on my reusable bags (I of course switched to jute or cotton) or my ever-beloved baskets.

In school we had a garden, a kitchen, a workshop and a design room. We learned to weed and tend veggies and then cook our own produce, we learned to use tools and fix simple wood works and we learned to sew and knit.

Sustainability does not just end there, on consumer items, on learning to grow your own food. When I grew up the elderly were honored and cherished. Us school children had the obligation to care for one elderly person, who had no family. We were proudly called TIMURS and every week we would visit our ‘step granny and pops’ and help them clean, shop or just listen to their stories. It created a sense of community and established a respect in the young for the older and wiser generation. For me all this is part of sustainability.

All this made me who I am today and I know that this life is possible, if we choose to just step out of our comfort zone. Essentially sustainability is to return to our roots.

How would you define your mindset towards manifesting your dreams, what did you have overcome to get to where you are now?


I have a big imagination and I am forever thinking, asking, designing, creating. I need beauty to thrive and I need nature. To manifest my dreams, I usually go for a long swim. It is like meditation, I can see everything shaping into reality and I know what to do next.

But, there is a big BUT here. This is all the easy part, the creation, but the business side really made me afraid. I could not have started my business, if it wasn’t for Alex by my side. His knowledge in business of course is priceless and gave me a feeling of security, but it also is his ‘absolute belief’ in me that gave me so much strength.

How would you describe your work/creative process, and what inspires you?


I am inspired by nature. Every blooming tree, every fragrant flower, every sparkling raindrop, every dancing snowflake, every twittering bird, every fluffy cloud and every shining star…I breathe in this endless beauty and I am grateful to be able to share such wonders.

Other things that inspire me? Kindness. Food. My husband. Our dogs(kids), My mom, Old movies, Old music, Wine, Travel, The sea and Elephants.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Enter The Industry?

Follow your dreams. If your heart's in it, you will get there. Yes, it will not be easy and there will be countless of moments you say: Why am I doing this? But that moment you must remember the very first time that dream was born and recall how it made you feel and then you go on. I actually have a picture on my phone that I pull up, every time I am in doubt or another giant hurdle has dropped before me.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to take advice! And one thing I learned: We are so afraid of everything we don’t know. DON’T BE! Because you will learn and look back wondering, how could I ever have been worried about that…It’s easy!

GOOD LUCK with your dreams!

And now everypawdy, would you like to taste some of our cookalicious treats? They are so wholesome and yummy that they can be shared between you and your doggie.

Find them here: & on instagram Cooka's Cookies


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