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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

For our first Green Dreamers project, we photographed and interviewed a group of creative entrepreneurs that own sustainable companies and are on a mission to contribute to a better world with the products or services they offer.

Because we love to incorporate creativity in everything that we do, Green Dreamer Aniek made some amazing illustrations to highlight the creative process.


Jael and her boyfriend Almanzo started @pastel__socks, an organic sock company, that wants to shift the usual standard, from regular cotton to organic cotton, without losing quality and fun in the products.

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Why sustainability

Why did you decide to go into the field of sustainability, and what do you want to change in your industry?


We are eating more and more “sustainable” bio-food, which is getting more and more the “normal standard”.

Eating organic reduces the number of chemicals in your diet namely persistent pesticides. The use of insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and weedkillers are strictly monitored in organic food production.

Organic farming produces healthy food without the use of toxic pesticides.

We find it important that we do eat like this, because of the fact that is better for us and the environment.

Based on these thoughts we started Pastel Socks, as Organic cotton has the same advantages as described for Organic Food.

We hope to shift the normal standard, from normal cotton to Organic cotton without losing quality and fun in the products.


How would you define your mindset towards manifesting your dreams, what did you have overcome to get to where you are now?


Everything is related so just do the things you like, don’t be scared of failure, and try to take the big leap.

Creative process

Can you tell us a bit more about your workflow/creative process, like what inspires you?


Who inspires me is Jael, she is the one within the company that has the creative mind and projects that in the daily processes.

For the general work process, I rely on the 10 years of experience in the Corporate international industries.

These 10 years I have worked for a lot of Multinationals and I have seen all kinds of companies and related processes.

I picked from all these clients, small and sometimes big elements which I liked. I try to improve and tailor these elements for my own business to make a smooth and relaxed work-flow.


Tell us about a project that didn’t work out. What did you learn, and what was the positive side of it? (positively impacted your work in a big way)


The part of the project that didn’t work out for us was the suppliers in China. In the basic element, China has good products and communication lines if you know where to look and who to ask.

We didn’t have that (at least not sufficiently enough), which resulted in slow and difficult communications, which resulted in bad samples and even more communication, and we spend way more money (so far for the cost reduction element).

Afterward, we decided to take a look closer to home (within Europe), we moved to the same country where the products are mode (Portugal). We are in close contact with both the cotton supplier and the sock factory.

This gives us the feeling we were looking for, close contact, short lines, and honest communication. What we have learned is that trying to make or do things cheaper in order to reduce costs and increase your profit margin, is not always the way to go.

In the end, you want to back your product for 100% and not only 80%. Sometimes you have to compromise (at least in the beginning), but in the end, it can make things better.

Some advice

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Enter The Industry?


Prepare yourself as much as possible (read about the market, talk with people, take advice from different kinds of professionals).

Try not to solve all and everything, some things will solve themselves, and sometimes it is good to take time and sometimes it's good to act right away.

The most important thing is also to make fun and enjoy the ride because its something beautiful which you created yourself.


Jael also owns @kamaeleonvintage, where she sells curated ⁷⁰ˢ/⁸⁰ˢ/⁹⁰ˢ vintage women's clothing & designer treasures.


If you want to own a pair of organic Pastel socks, hop over to their website; and choose your favorite colour!

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