The art of tattooing with Bee Amour

This is Bee, she's an incredible tattoo artist, painter, and mom of two amazing doggo's.

Paris born and Amsterdam based - this wonderful Parisienne is a true animal lover at heart, which led her towards the vegan lifestyle years ago. Making the switch to veganism made her even more aware of what sustainability actually means and how important it is to have a conscious mindset and lifestyle.

Why and when did you decide to enter the industry you are in?


I decided to become a tattoo artist because I've been a fan of tattoos ever since I was a little girl. I'm a creative person, and I need to create. I was working with a team and a boss on the job that I had before, and I just couldn't express myself fully. I really felt a strong desire to become my own boss, and because I love tattoos and I love to draw, it made sense to me to become a tattoo artist. A lot of my friends were already tattoo artists, so I just did it.

What would you like to see differently in your industry?


I would love to see more diversity and that women are more represented and respected in the industry, but I must say this is already happening more and more. Also, people being more open-minded. (Tattoo) Art doesn't have to belong to a particular style; I would love to see artists who can be their true creative selves without the boundaries of ''how things are supposed to be''. And obviously more sustainable and vegan products.

What does sustainability mean to you (how do you incorporate it in your business)?


A tattoo is not really a product, of course. It's art you keep on your body. You cannot give it back if you don't like it or give it to somebody else. It's a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Sustainability for me is to stop leaving a terrible mark on the planet everywhere humans go and just keep using/reusing what we already created. So considering all of that, it is very sustainable, except for the plastic that we use. However, luckily, there are already so many alternatives to plastic, so the tattoo industry is making progress towards more sustainable products.

What did you have to overcome to grow your business?


I had to overcome part of my shyness, I'm a very shy person, so I had to overcome myself. To feel free as an artist, I first had to work in a place that didn't fit me, but I needed to become more skilled. So, Working on being less shy, connecting with people, working on my tattoo skills, and figuring out in what type of environment I wanted to work in, helped me grow as a person in general.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Enter The Industry?


Don't! (jokes)

If you want to do it, then do it. Be yourself and don't copy other people. Even though you mind think it is a compliment, it is not. It is tough for the artist to get copied because we pour all of our creativity into our work and it makes you want to stop creating if it happens all the time.

Make sure if you want to go for it, it is truly what you want and not just because you think it is cool at the moment.

Find a good place with good people that respect you for who you are. Remember, people are here to help you, not to use you.

Tell us about your green vision.


A vegan/cruelty-free world where all creatures are treated equally and with respect - A world that values the environment and doesn't destroy the earth—a place where everybody is conscious that we cannot live without nature. I don't care if I couldn't tattoo anymore. I think it's above everything. I feel like people became so selfish with their consumer mindset. Nowadays, most people don't even realize that we need nature to survive because if we kill nature, we ultimately destroy ourselves.


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