The magic world of healing photoshoots with Landa Penders

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Meet Landa, the founder of where she facilitates healing photoshoots and goddess circles to celebrate self-love & self-development for women. Besides having her own business, she also co-created the Sacred School, where topics such as spirituality and witchcraft are offered in an approachable way in the form of educational and accessible courses. Scroll down to read more about Landa's journey as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Why and when did you decide to enter your industry?


The inspiration came to me during a shower somewhere at the beginning of 2020. I was (and still am) in such an extensive process, spiritually speaking, and I feel that these experiences can be of significance to people while still using my talent for photography.

The day after my inspirational shower, I went to a spiritual center for a massage. My massage therapist said of her own accord, you must do something with healing and photography. That was such an enormous confirmation for me to start the healing photoshoots. Inspired one day and confirmed the next - can't get any more clear than that!

Everything went so smoothly, one thing led to another, and my workspace was also easily arranged. When I was developing my sessions, the first pilot I offered was sold out within a day. That's when I thought; this just needs to happen.

What does sustainability mean to you (how do you incorporate it in your business)?


Being conscious of sustainability is very important to me. When I was still in fashion photography, I met Chanel Trapman of Mumster Productions. She showed me how people and the environment are really affected by the fast fashion industries, but there are more industries, of course. Food, technology, furniture, so many things we use have been produced elsewhere in the world, and we have no idea about the side effects. When I decorated my Sacred Space, I first looked at thrift shops. Same with the client closet for the healing photoshoots. I also believe the energy in the products is better when they're made fair and sustainable. The dilemma I'm facing now is about where my crystals and smudge herbs come from. I prefer locally grown herbs and secondhand crystals, so I'm looking for ways to incorporate that more in my business.

How would you define your mindset towards manifesting your dreams?


I am convinced that everyone can apply manifestation when the knowledge is present. Manifesting starts from the day you enter this world, so to speak. Most people don't realize this because we don't learn how to use it properly. People keep running into things until they learn a lesson. If you don't feel your best, you have to do something with that emotion - you are the only one who can transform how you feel.

I'm constantly manifesting, but it is also important to remember to let it go. Otherwise, you can wait a long time ;)

Tell us about a project that didn't work out - what did you learn from it?


I would say my fashion photography career. I don't see this as something negative because there was also a natural flow to it. Still, I always felt like I had to keep control over everything and keep it secure in order to move forward, so it didn't come naturally as I experience now with my company. In the end, I was like, this just isn't it for me, and then I let it go. By letting go, I started to listen to my feelings more and became closer to myself.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Enter The Industry?


When you feel the urge to dive into the world of spirituality as a healer, energy worker or light bringer, just know that all you have to do is follow your heart. Sometimes we feel a little lost. There are so many options, what is it you want to bring to the world? And how can you do that? Well, just go back to one simple thing and ask yourself: 'What brings you the most joy?'. There's your answer and the start of something beautiful, I'm sure! I never heard of a spiritual photographer and healing photoshoots before! I made it up myself. Of course there are others doing the same, but you know what: we need more spiritually aligned entrepreneurs. More coaches, more photographers, more witches, more nature lovers and green dreamers.

Tell us about your green vision for the world.


This is a subject I often think about, especially since I had my little one. It makes me wonder how I would like to leave the world for the next generation. That's one of the main reasons why I became vegan a few years ago.

I envision an ideal world, where people are moving more towards nature again, and perhaps we may have to sacrifice some luxury. However, because of that sacrifice, we are able to make things right again for the entire planet. I'm convinced that we can have a good life here because other people don't have such a great life elsewhere in the world. That must be dealt with, and people need to become aware of that to heal collectively.

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